For this boutique B&B built from scratch in Trancoso, Bahia, the owners envisioned a place that would exist in harmony with the native environment and where guests could feel at home. The separate bungalows should also convey a sense of privacy. Preserving the area’s ecosystem, we built the bungalows on natural clearings, with the vegetation working in our favor as a visual and acoustical barrier. We took the challenge to adapt the minimalist style of our work to the quite distinctive and characteristic traits of the local architecture. Accordingly, we chose to use materials that are either indigenous to the area or that are frequently used in local buildings, such as burnt cement, clay roof tiles, wood, straw and natural fibers. The bungalows have ethnic décor, with each unit respecting the style typical of their assigned place of homage, but always with some touches of Bahia. For the communal areas of the B&B, the décor blends pieces from different countries and pieces made by the indigenous population and local artisans.